American Airlines cuts flights to London in December

American Airlines is cutting back on flights to London leaving from high-traffic U.S. airports in December.

The airline will not operate London-bound flights from Charlotte, New York and Chicago in December, the carrier confirmed Monday, as a result of low demand spurred by coronavirus concerns.

The news comes amid an effort to help reduce the spread of the virus via a second lockdown in England, resulting in nationwide shutdowns of pubs, restaurants and nonessential businesses earlier this month.

“We’re constantly evaluating our network to match supply and demand and have been making regular schedule adjustments since March. In an effort to match low demand resulting from coronavirus (COVID-19), we continue to operate a reduced schedule,” a spokesperson for American Airlines told Fox News in an email.

American says daily passenger service will resume in January. Passengers traveling in Chicago and JFK can continue to travel to London Heathrow airport on American Airlines’ joint business partner British Airways, the company said. The carrier will continue its cargo shipping flights from Chicago and New York.

While international travel may be limited this year during the pandemic, Americans may be more inclined to travel domestically. More than 55% of Americans surveyed in a recent report from travel-booking app Hopper said they would be traveling during the November and December holiday months for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak in U.S.. Many, however, may be driving instead, according to AAA Travel’s annual Thanksgiving travel report, which estimates that less than 50 million Americans will hit the road this holiday season.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to suggest delaying travel by at least 14 days for those with confirmed COVID-19 cases, or anyone who believes they’ve been exposed to the virus, according to its website.