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I began my journey into running as an adolescent after injuring myself while playing soccer on the playground. While it took me two years to recover, I could not take off running for another year or two because I was afraid I would injure myself again. But that changed when I found The Running Centre in Westport, MA.

My name is John, and I started running around the age of 14. I’ve run as many races as I can in my life, and I’m lucky to still be training and competing in the sport. I’ve spent years trying to find the right path for myself, but the last 18 months have been a joy and I love sharing my journey with others. About RunDNA: RunDNA is a worldwide leader in running competitions, training and lifestyle modification. We are here to help you reach your goals in the sport, and to educate, inspire, motivate, and motivate others.

Our history begins in a single room in an apartment one summer, where three girls came to us, asking for a new challenge. They came back with a different challenge one winter (and winter’s) later, and our mission has grown dramatically. Our members have gone on to run for more than 2 million kilometres, to win multiple medals and trophies, and to win over 500 races! Our members run to beat injuries, to overcome pain, and to change their lives. Our members have transformed the lives of thousands of runners, coaches, and trainers. We are committed to their success and will do everything within our power to make that happen.

Mid action image of professional female athlete sprinting from blocks on numbered start line on outdoor athletics track. Action takes place in a generic floodlit outdoor athletics arena full of spectators under a stormy evening sky. Sprinter is wearing generic athletics kit and stadium ads are fake. With intentional lensflare.

Our history is filled with many successes, but we’ve always known that more was needed, and the more people that joined us, the more amazing results we could achieve. Today, we live it. We run, we build, we build. We compete, we compete, we win, we lose, we learn, we compete, we learn and we travel. We want to help you achieve your fitness goals.

I am a London based freelance photographer and photographer with a passion for running, photography and fitness. As a London based photographer, I have worked with some great runners such as the winner of the London Marathon. I have worked with some fantastic photographers such as Stephen Kavanagh, Steve Cripps and Tim Carman to name a few. The result of my many hours of training, training and research is a very detailed, professional and personalised portfolio of images. I am a photographer with a passion for running and working with athletes.

Our history dates back to 1976 when our founder, Gordon Griffiths, went to a school in Hampshire for his first ever run. He had learned a lot about running and decided to continue to run for the rest of his life. His love for running and commitment to the sport lead him to form a partnership with a running club in Bournemouth. An international company was formed, and in 1977 Gordon took on the challenge of founding a new running club in Bournemouth. Initially, Gordon was running a private club and running as a member. Eventually we decided to form a company so it could better support our members and fund our efforts.

I began my running journey at 16 years old while living in Los Angeles. From there I had completed 100 marathons on a UBNT course before moving to New York City to attend New Yorker Running Festival in 2006, where for 6 weeks competing in 10k and half marathon races throughout the year is what pushed me into being a competitive athlete.